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Re: tesla coil funds


I have the same problem :) Especially with a family to consider......As for 
the "aquisition" of parts for  coils, THe great thing about these things is 
that they can indeed be made from junk to a great extent. I do indeed get 
some of my material from work (don't tell) and other stuff comes from my 
"connections"....people I know in certain fields, like electricians, and the 
like. I got a three phase stack of variacs for the upcoming big coil for free 
because one of them was burned out.... about 2 hrs worth of work removing the 
bad variac, and reconfiguring, and voila! a free variac. As for caps, I did 
buy a commercial cap when I started this hobby, but caps can be made from 
inexpensive materials that you can get in most harware stores, or as it 
apprears, the plastic cup section of your grocery store :))
Anyway, 3 suggestions.....first, never be afraid to ask questions, of ask if 
something might be available...you might get it for free.Especially if you 
are a student, and it could be part of your education
second, Part of the fun of this hobby, especially when you are starting out, 
is the challenge of building from scrounged materials. I enjoy that 
challenge, and I try to make the coils look good, even though they are made 
from junk at times.
third, make lots of friends on this list...These folks are very nice, and 
willing to help. I have a bunch of friends on this list that happen to live 
near me, and we have helped each other out with materials, and assistance 
when needed.

Hope this helped!!!

Have a fun time, and play safe :)

Chris W