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equipment resources

Hello all,

I would like to make an offer :)
I would be willing to keep a running list of all who have coiling equipment 
that they would like to barter or sell, and a list of those who are looking 
to buy or trade. It is often mentioned that people are looking for a certain 
item, or need to know where they can get supplies. This might help folks find 
hard to find items, that may take years of ham-festing and/or flea marketing 
to stumble across. I'm sure that we all have some pretty unique items that 
were picked up over the years and may not need.

I would be happy to be the go-between, and keep names and email addresses 
along with what is available to put people in contact with each other. This 
may be particularly useful to the new folks, who may be drawing a blank on 
where they can get some of the parts for their coils...

Its just a thought, and there may be no need of this service, but if anyone 
is interested, please mail me off list, and I will note your email and items. 
If you are looking for anything, please do the same. I tend to be pretty good 
at "finding" items (read lurking at the dump) :) I'd be happy to help anyone 
looking for stuff.

Chris W