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Combo Gap

Hi All....

I've been kicking around an idea that I havent seen much talk about...
running a SRSG with a static gap in series.   The SRSG I currently use is
showing signs of wear -n- tear and I feel it is due to the high voltages
present at gap alignment timing. What is happening is that the disc is
begining to show arc marks before the electrodes fully align. ( slight
schorching on the disc before the electrodes)

Before I go and place a static gap in series with the SRSG, my question is
....   will this aditional gap help in reducing the voltage gradient at the
RSG ( if my thinking is correct as in the multi gap, each additional gap
helps reduce the voltage across each gap)

The possible downside to this idea I see so far is that by adding the
additional gap(s) this will (?) make the gap length longer and possibly
overvolt the cap?  I have watched the rotory gap at work and have seen the
gap spark "streach" to almost an inch on each side of the rotory electrodes
( total length almost 2" ).

How about it people ??   do yall think that by adding an additional static
gap in series to a RSG will help reduce the scorching problem or am I just
getting ready to blow up the cap?

Scot D