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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

Ryan, This may be none of my business, but I want to respond to your
posting. I don't see anything at all that suggests Steve was trying to
insult you, or demean you in anyway. He, like all of us is very concerned
about safety. I believe he is only trying to help save an accident. Please
don't take offense at it. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been a
broadcast engineer for nearly thirty years. I deal with High, high voltages
and high currents in broadcast transmitters on almost a daily bases. I
assure you I am careful in everyway, but some times things go wrong. I have
been thrown against a wall, 15 feet away, by accidently coming in contact
with 12 kilivolts DC!,  the plate circuit of an FM transmitter that
according to the meters and everything else was dead. I am incrediblly
lucky, and blessed by God, to be alive. A friend of mine was killed on that
same transmitter, in that same way. He had warned me merely a couple weeks
before that, to watch that particular circuit. I am going into no further
details than that, but my point is, All of us on this list are concerned
with safety first, but accidents do happen. PLEEASE, PLEEASE watch what you
are doing!!!! This, I believe, is all any of us are trying to say.
Thank you for hearing me out.
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> Original poster: "Ryan Ries" <spud-at-wf-dot-net>
> Hey, I'm that person with the 10KVA pig who knows absolutely nothing, and
> just for the record, I didn't have anything to do with that accident. :)
> I'm sorry I can't compare with the inconsumate repository of electrical
> knowledge stored in your brain, but I don't plan on having a funeral until
> I'm 85 or so. :-)
> Thanks,
>     Ryan Ries
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> > Original poster: "Steve Rosenthal" <sdrosen-at-cwia-dot-com>
> >
> > What ever happened to the person who had the 10kva pig and was asking
> > questions which seemed to indicate that they didn't know anything about
> > basic electricity? Seems like the last I remember they were trying to
> figure
> > a way to hook up to the cloths dryer outlet, then they were asking
> questions
> > about ballasting with a dryer element submerged in a tank of water? I
> truly
> > hope your reading this, PLEASE BE CAREFUL
> >
> > Look folks....the safety messages are something that we need to
> retinterate
> > over and over and over, but the sad fact is as numbers of coiler
> increase,
> > so do the odds of someone getting badly hurt or killed increase. Do the
> > math. Look at the actuarial tables. The reason the high powered rocketry
> > hobby got regulated is very probably because someone or several someones
> > were injured or killed. Brutal truth I know, but there it is....
> >
> > "Nothing is foolproof....cuz fools are so darned ingeniuous!!!"
> >
> >
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