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RE: Female Coilers??????

Hi Christy,
I have been interested in high voltage since 1979. A custodian at school
told me to look up Tesla coils at the library. I did this and attempted my
first coil. I used two paper towel rolls taped together for the secondary.
The book said to use one but I figured bigger meant better. I took apart
some 9V adapters and salvaged enough wire to wind the secondary. I used a
few TV doorknobs in parallel and half an oil burner transformer (the other
half was shot). After all that work, I got a whopping half inch output
(about what I got from the oil burner transformer by itself) I had no idea
of the importance of tuning and resonance back then. Then Tony DeAngelis,
Ed Wingate, Richard Hull, the internet, and the Tesla List came along and
my whole life changed!

To see my recent work go to:

I have thought about painting all my NSTs a light metallic lavender but I
haven't found the paint yet. I wanted that to be my trade mark.

Good luck with your coil. Be sure to keep us posted on its progress.

Best Regards,
Sue Gaeta

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Subject: Female Coilers??????

>Original poster: "jason wallace" <jcwallace-at-cybrtown-dot-com> 

>Are there any female coilers on this list??? Or anyones wife >share the hobby
>with there husband??? Im Jason's wife and have started to work  >on making my
>own coil, OF course with lots of jason's knowledge and help. >Just
couriouse to
>see if there are any other female coilers?? Thanks cant wait to >get
started on
>my coil (i painted the transformer last night).
>BTW will it cause to much confusion if Jason and I use the same >email addy to
>post here??? Or should I use my own, kind of seems uneeded to >get the list
>twice to the same house.