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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

Hi David

I'm not really scare of flame ;-)) Let me explain; english is not my natural
language and I'm not comfortable with it, that's why sometime I'm maybe too
in my post.

In my first years of coiling (I make my first coil 35 years ago with my
father a
small vacuum tube coil around 100 W but I really start coiling by myself 25
ago ) in that time there was no internet available for me, information are
some old text and some article on magazine. It was recommend to connect
the base
of the secondary to the inner turn of the primary WITHOUT grounding the
. We normally use center tap transformer  OBIT , some kind of NST, CT plate
transformer , we also put the cap across the transformer and ground the center
tap on the transformer ( thing change tx god ). With that circuit  you have
of the voltage of the transformer between the ground and the toroid,
streamer are
good conductor if you are knock by it : you are knock by RF and by nasty 60
high voltage. Check this fast schematic and please don't laugh ;-(

Luc Benard

Tesla list wrote:

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> In a message dated 10/3/00 8:41:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> writes:
> << You are not making the same mistake I do on my
>  first years of coiling; connected the base of your secondary to the inner
>  turn of your primary  because you never could write this post ! >>
> Hi Luc,
> I hope I don't get flamed for this, but actually I DO connect my secondary
> and primary inner turns to common RF ground. I know many members more
> knowledgable than myself swear that this is more deadly because it places
> the sec circuit in the lethal primary circuit. However, and this is just my
> opin-
> ion for what it's worth, it is only on the GROUNDED side of the primary
> circuit.
> I personally believe that taking a hit from a streamer is equally dangerous
> ir-
> regardless of whether the primary is double hot with a seperate ground or
> gle hot with the ground acting as the return. It is simpler to run a single
> hot
> since there is the issue of adequate insulation of the transmission line
and a
> single hot wire cuts in half the amount of heavily insulated wire required
> for the
> x-mission line to the primary tank circuit. It also eliminates a possible
> "floating
> ground" situation, which is also quite dangerous with pole pig level voltage.
> Bottom line though, taking a streamer hit is not safe by any means under any
> circumstances, and anyone who intentionally pulls this stunt is inviting
> disaster!
> Let's all keep it safe (especially myself) so we all can keep happily coiling
> on
> for many years to come!
> Coiling in Memphis,
> David Rieben