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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

Funnily enough I've been taking small arcs (7") to a hand held metal spike
this evening as part of a display where I work. Probably between twenty and
thirty 5 second runs total. I wouldn't like to take longer arcs. My boss
tried pulling a longer arc, but found it distinctly unpleasant. My only
problem came when I didn't position myself right and got an arc between my
other elbow and a grounded pipe.

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> >Not to seem anything but curious, but How many of us have either
> >intentionally or accidentally drawn an arc from our coils? And do the
> > professional stunt folk feel that it is stupid to take an arc, or
> I've done it several times to a piece of metal in my hand. Until I
> stuck my finger out and let it get hit. Not gonna do that again.
> I did start walking up to my larger coil when it putting out around 8'
> arcs. It had stopped firing and I walked away from the camera towards
> it. It arced again to the strike-rail when I was about 10' away. I
> guess my brain had went to sleep, but this arc woke it back up. That
> hit I took to the finger hurt bad enough, I'm glad I didn't close
> enough to get hit this time.
> Later,
> Alan
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