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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

In <4.1.20001004192640.00a8e2a8-at-pop.dnvr.uswest-dot-net>, on 10/04/00 
   at 07:26 PM, "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> said:

>Not to seem anything but curious, but How many of us have either 
>intentionally or accidentally drawn an arc from our coils? And do the
> professional stunt folk feel that it is stupid to take an arc, or

I've done it several times to a piece of metal in my hand. Until I
stuck my finger out and let it get hit. Not gonna do that again. 

I did start walking up to my larger coil when it putting out around 8'
arcs. It had stopped firing and I walked away from the camera towards
it. It arced again to the strike-rail when I was about 10' away. I
guess my brain had went to sleep, but this arc woke it back up. That
hit I took to the finger hurt bad enough, I'm glad I didn't close
enough to get hit this time.

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