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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

Well since you asked.........
One of my coils is a small coil which puts out 1 foot strikes to ground,
and as far as touching the sparks, I love it!!  I hold a metal bar in my
hand, not connected to anything and get some 11-12" strikes to the rod. 
I have never had any ill effects other than a little sharp pain when a
big streamer hits.  As far as anything bigger, i say no way!  This is a
high enough voltage for me!  I have no wish to take some big ones to

Be safe

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: CTCDW-at-aol-dot-com
> Hello all,
> Not to seem anything but curious, but How many of us have either
> intentionally or accidentally drawn an arc from our coils? And do the
> professional stunt folk feel that it is stupid to take an arc, or have it
> exit their fingers? Please understand, I am NOT advocating becoming, well,
> part of your coil. far from it. I know that the pros have their patented
> tricks of the trade in doing that........I wouldn't even THINK of getting
> near any decent size coil. I have a 5 watt coil that I have taken arcs from
> with no ill effects, but any higher than that, not a chance.
> Play nice! :)
> Chris