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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

What ever happened to the person who had the 10kva pig and was asking
questions which seemed to indicate that they didn't know anything about
basic electricity? Seems like the last I remember they were trying to figure
a way to hook up to the cloths dryer outlet, then they were asking questions
about ballasting with a dryer element submerged in a tank of water? I truly
hope your reading this, PLEASE BE CAREFUL

Look folks....the safety messages are something that we need to retinterate
over and over and over, but the sad fact is as numbers of coiler increase,
so do the odds of someone getting badly hurt or killed increase. Do the
math. Look at the actuarial tables. The reason the high powered rocketry
hobby got regulated is very probably because someone or several someones
were injured or killed. Brutal truth I know, but there it is....

"Nothing is foolproof....cuz fools are so darned ingeniuous!!!"