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Wire, Wire, Wire

For all you looking for wire specs and where to buy.
Here is a link to a sight that has the specs on EVERY size magnet wire
including all 1/2 sizes. Not sure about ordering from them, you can, I never

As far as getting wire. the sizes that we use as coilers, as far as i have
found, come in ten pound reels.  there are 2 electric motor shops close to
where i live that i get all my wire from.  I may be able to get some for
anyone that is willing to pay the shipping from me(Kaysville, UT 84037) to
you.  They have sold me 10 pound reels as well as what ever they have left
on a reel so if you don't need ten pounds you could get what ever they have.
they sell it to me for 5 bucks a pound, plus tax.  just yesterday i got 5
pounds of 21 for $26.??    It is good wire and i have had good results with
it.  please email me directly if you are interested.

Also i was talking to the owner of the motor shop and we may start making
some SYNC motors to sell to anyone on the list.   they should be cheap since
they will be rebuilt motors and will vary in all HP ratings and RPM. but i
will tell you all about that later. when we actualy do it.  but for now let
me know i you need some wire.

keep safe