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Re: Wire, Wire, Wire

I've bought from MWS many a time (odd things like tungsten and 5 mil
diameter aluminum) and they are always nice to work with (the fact that
they are about 5 minutes from my house is convenient, too..).

Get their catalog... it's really nice. Who'd have ever thought that wire
would be so pretty?

> From: Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> Subject: Wire, Wire, Wire
> Date: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 7:40 PM
> Original poster: "Tyler Steineckert" <tsgeoman-at-uswest-dot-net> 
> For all you looking for wire specs and where to buy.
> Here is a link to a sight that has the specs on EVERY size magnet wire
> including all 1/2 sizes. Not sure about ordering from them, you can, I
> have.
> http://www.mwswire-dot-com/insdia1.htm
> As far as getting wire. the sizes that we use as coilers, as far as i
> found, come in ten pound reels.  there are 2 electric motor shops close
> where i live that i get all my wire from.  I may be able to get some for
> anyone that is willing to pay the shipping from me(Kaysville, UT 84037)
> you.  They have sold me 10 pound reels as well as what ever they have
> on a reel so if you don't need ten pounds you could get what ever they
> they sell it to me for 5 bucks a pound, plus tax.  just yesterday i got 5
> pounds of 21 for $26.??    It is good wire and i have had good results
> it.  please email me directly if you are interested.
> Also i was talking to the owner of the motor shop and we may start making
> some SYNC motors to sell to anyone on the list.   they should be cheap
> they will be rebuilt motors and will vary in all HP ratings and RPM. but
> will tell you all about that later. when we actualy do it.  but for now
> me know i you need some wire.
> tsgeoman-at-uswest-dot-net
> Tyler
> keep safe