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Re: darn the formula torpedoes (3 coils x 2 coils)

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com

> Other comparison tests that were done using both disruptive and
> tube coils showed the same spark output for the magnifier as the
> classic coil.  Yes, it is certainly possible that the magnifier will tend
> to give shorter sparks than the classic coil in direct opposition to
> what is general believed, but any difference is slight and hard to
> measure.

Magnifiers can gain by two reasons. One is that they
can transfer energy faster. The other is that for the same
last coil and terminal the primary inductance is really larger,
the primary current is smaller, the operating frequency is smaller,
and the losses are smaller, as you mentioned.
Consider a third coil and terminal with inductance L3 and
total capacitance C3, and a given primary capacitance C1.
A magnifier using this third coil must satisfy the relation:
A conventional coil with the same third coil as secondary
must satisfy:
Evidently, L1 > L1'
If you fix identical primary inductances, however, the secondary of the
two coils system will have more inductance (L2+L3). If the losses
due to this will be larger or smaller depends on how the coils are
The magnifier, however, can always be built to transfer energy faster.
The maximum output voltage is the same with C1 and C3 fixed, and with 
the same sizes of the last coil and terminal, the maximum spark length 
is also about the same. The magnifier will, however, reach the limit
with less losses.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz