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RE: Source for capacitors

I just purchased 100   .047/1600 metal polys from Dave McKinnon of D&M Hi
Voltage in Florida. His price is reasonable too. Check his web site:


The ONLY problem is that the caps (white rectangular brick-like blocks) have
kind of short leads. So when you poke them through the perf board, there isn't
too much to hang the 100MB resistor and the jumper onto.

You'll need a small tweezer like needle nose to manage the bending and crimping
before soldering. 
Otherwise, no problem. 
I'm putting 20 per 5x7 perf board from RadioShack and then paralleling the 5
boards to get .0117mf at 32KV for my 15KV/60 NST.

Hope this helps. 

Ted R. 

Subject: Re: Source for capacitors 

Ok but where specifically can I buy 100, .047uF -at- 1600 ? I looked at the 
Mallory site, but does anyone know if they have a minimum order, and what they 
charge for 100? 200? 
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>> What is the best source for the polypropylene capacitors to build a 
>> capacitor 
>> using a large series-parallel array of small, commonly available commercial 
>> capacitors? 
>> Thanks 
>> Steve R.