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header mangling,etc.

The tag in the subject, like [Tesla], is quite handy.  Most of the mailing
lists that I am on do somthing like that, and it IS handy for filtering,
copying to subdirectories, etc. 

I don't have any real preference for format, etc.

I do have a preference that my messages use the jimlux-at-earthlink-dot-net
address regardless of the "from" or "reply to:" tags (which is either
earthlink or jpl.nasa.gov).  This isn't any change from how the list works

This is to keep the ethics powers-that-be happy so that nobody accuses us
of using publicly funded resources for private gain (There was a big fracas
when someone bid on E-bay and posted their jpl email address.  A losing
bidder called the NASA inspector general, etc.) ) or attempting to use the
"imprimatur of respectability" of the .nasa.gov domain for personal
opinion.   We are allowed to use our work computers and email for personal
use in a limited way(i.e. non-interference with your work, etc.), but they
want to keep it low-profile, and avoid run-ins with the IG.