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How to get Glyptol

List Members,

I have heard quite a few requests out there about how to get Glyptol...
As I have just had to once again go out and find some, I figured it
be useful to make sure everyone knows....

Glyptol is a GE product and appears to be only available from GE.  You
go to or call your local GE distributor and ask them for it.  You can
find your
local GE distributor by going to http://www.gesupply-dot-com .   I plan to
be putting
this info along with other nice tidbits, pictures and movies of my coil
on my web page in a month or so at http://www.whitfill-dot-net/tesla . 

Peter Whitfill

	Whitfill-dot-net	--- Internet and Network Consulting
			--- Tesla Coil displays and demonstrations

		E-mail:	pete-at-whitfill-dot-net