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Re: copper plating

i'm going to try the colloidal graphite and alcohol idea, and the
distilled water to. although i'm not sure if the graphite will stay on
the plastic using water. but thanks to all, these posts have explained
allot about why the coating has been splotchy and flakes off.
i thought that the problems had more to do with getting the voltage and
current right..
i'm not sure how coating the cups or glass with graphite will keep it
from flaking but maybe if i can get the right solvent mixture i can get
it to "bite" into the surface a few molecules deep? i did think about
using a small amount of sulfuric acid, to help in the ion transfer of
the copper. but actually that is what i was trying to use the capacitor
for, i was hoping that the current leading the voltage would cause a
pressure to push the copper ions into the pores first then build from
since there is such an interest being shown in this process i will make
my setup a tad more on the scientific scale, keep some notes" argh, i
hate writing things down" monitor my voltage and curents.ect. but my
main goal is to try to get this simple enough and safe enough for all to
use. i've even thought of silver plating but since my local(boy that's a
joke, everything is thirty miles from me)chemical supply house has moved
and left no forwarding address, not even a christmas card.
i'll keep on plugging as soon as i get some more copper sulfate, i just
had a little left from treating my pond.
regards to all and i'll appreciate any more input..........marc