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Re: first light

great work,
it took me three tries to get a breakout at all. i learned first that
hot glue wont hold a copper tube in a static gap very long. that's how
stubborn i am. (i like the word stubborn better then that other word).
but i remember how excited i was, crouched down in front of my couch, 10
one gallon salt water caps on my coffee table, a hoaky looking coil
sticking up in the air,(and i do mean hoaky) and plugging nst into the
wall.my girlfriend tripping over the dog that weighed more then her,
both fighting for the same doorway, tv remote changing channels at a
rapid rate of speed, every florescent light in the house flickering.
fear that the fcc would be knocking on my door at any moment
ahh, thank you Russell for your report on success, it brought and still
brings a smile to my face in fond remembrance. that's what it's all
about. no matter how big or how nice your future coils will become, i
think i can speak for all, you will remember this one.
best regards and congratulations to you.......marc