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RE: Alternative Toroid Idea

An alternative, in a spherical form, can be purchased in polystyrene from
large hobbies shops (There's one in Hampreston, Dorset, which is where
I got mine), which is hollow, in two interlocking halves, and around a
foot in diameter. I haven't tried coating it in anything yet.
					Richard Barton.

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Subject: Alternative Toroid Idea

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    Hi all, i was reading the messge regrding fiberglass toroids and thout
people might be interested, esp. small coil builders (like me). I have some
experience of fiberglass and belive me, it's hard work, espescially making,
polishing, waxing, coating with release agent etc. the moulds!

    For my small coil i used a piece of high density foam (this can be
from builder merchants for use as an underfloor insulator in sheets about 2"
thick and spray mounted together) i cut it to a rough circle and made a
hole throught the middle. I then mounted on my lathe by gripping a longish
ish) screw in the chuck and cutting a circle of plywood with a hole in to
the chick squashing the foam infront of the chuck. Used a bolt and a large
washer on the oter side to hold it in place (so the order is
chuck-plywood-foam-large washer-bolt-(you))  I then shaped it using 120 grit
sandpaper over a metal block to keep me steady and to even out bumps. having
got it to a 'pseudo toroid' i curved it under with some sandpaper round a
stick. This was then covered with al foil. It sounds cack handed but it
quite well. Ordinary polystyrene foam works too but dents really easily.
is a wood lathe with a head that swivels so i could make on of these a few
in dia, and fully intend to for the nest coil. Sure as hell beats ducting!

Just in idea