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RE: copper plating

Presumably, there's no limit to the coat thickness that can be built up?
Could you get in so thick that you could seperate it from the original
form, and it would be solid?
					Richard Barton

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A method of copper plating insulating materials, that used to be used
commercially, is to coat them first with colloidal graphite (Aquadag). This
is done prior to the actual plating process, don't use any form of adhesive.
There are a number of precautions that need to be taken: 1. The insulated
material must be well de-greased.
                            2. Colloidal graphite should only be diluted
with ultra-pure water (double-distilled).
For the actual plating use the best quality copper sulphate you can lay your
hands on, dissolve it in distilled water, not tap water, and add a little
sulphuric acid (less than 1% of the conc. acid). Also keep the current low,
high currents produce uneven plating and increase the likelyhood of the
copper flaking off.
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> > a great idea,,lets experiment further with this, the reason is that ive
> had
> > an idea about making torroids out of fiberglass, you can form it into
> many
> > different shapes and sizes , then sand it smooth and plate it with
> or
> > even chrome it.they would hopefully be a huge improvement from ducting
> for
> > torroids..the only thing would be the capacitance of it since it would
> > non metallic inside but metallic outside...but a perfectly shaped 8 by
> > inch polished copper torroid would sure be impressive...
> Capacitance would be just the same as any other material... dependent only
> on the outer surface of a closed object.
> However, make sure you plate enough thickness on, because a fairly high
> current has to flow from all parts of the toroid to the spark leader
> attachment point, and you don't want large IR losses.