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Re: E-Tesla = Medhurst

>>the file I sent you  will note, if you have not already done so,
>that there is a minimum in med C.
>I was trying to check if E-tesla reproduced that minimum.  I don't
>understand why If med C is just referred intrinsic C linear wieghted.  Why
>would the intrinsic C go down then up as you increase the hieght? I find it
>hard to accept that when you increase one dimension of something its C goes
>down?? If this is true then reffering process is more complicated than I
>have deduced.

Medhurst bends around and starts to go back up at low H/D ratios but I
didn't run E-Tesla down there.  I will do so...




I suspect that Medhurst's tables include an experimental correction for the
end effects. At low H/D ratios these differences from the 'ideal' model
will become much more pronounced.

My $0.02,


P.S. That's great work you're doing.