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Re: first light

Well done russell,
 another UK coiler.  I got about the same out of my coil at first light. I
would open up the gap a bit. Stop when the transformer blows then back off a
bit. Remember that the gap will get dirty after a few runs, so keep an eye
on it and clean it with fine emery. I have found that having holes in the
sides opposite the gaps really helps with the quenching. This is really
important, if you run the coil for a few minutes and the sparks get shorter
you need more quenching. This is not always obvius? at first.

bob golding

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> Original Poster: "Paul Mathus" <pmathus-at-learningco-dot-com>
>      Congratulations!  16" to ground is about what i got on first light
>      too, very respectable in my opinion:)  With some tweaking i'm sure
>      can double it at least!
>      paul
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> Subject: first light
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> It's alive, o.k. its only16" to ground so far but i am buzzing, arc looked
> very
> powerful.
>            Thanks to all on the list for all the info-think i'm hooked
>                               all the best-Russell Hicks
>                                                S.Wales