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Re: need some suggestions

In a message dated 6/12/2000 8:13:14 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
tesla-at-pupman-dot-com writes:

> Original Poster: "Kevin D" <teslacoilfreak1-at-mediaone-dot-net> 
>  Hello everyone,
>  I was helping my grandfather to clean out his basement when I came across a
>  big roll(8lb) of what looked like #26 mag wire,but it turnes out it is 
>  uninsulated #26 wire :(
>  Would there be a easy way of coating this or could it be used on a space
>  wound secondary??
>  thanks for your suggestions,
>  Kevin D
Why not space wind it with fishing line, remove the line and then seal it 
with polyurethane or something similar?  The sealant should fill in all the 
space around the wires ok. Perhaps the first coat should be thinned so it can 
do that easier.