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RE: need some suggestions

Hi Kevin: 
At the Tandy Wire and Cable factory there is a huge machine that coats and
dries and spools bare wire at an incredible rate of feet per second. As I
should imagine that trying to duplicate the actions of that machine at
home...consistency, the drying technology etc, it would make more sense to buy
the right gauge, prefinished and use it. 4-5 pounds of #22 is still reasonable
through most sources as many on the list will tell you.

Safe coiling 

Ted R. 

Subject: need some suggestions 

Original Poster: "Kevin D" <teslacoilfreak1-at-mediaone-dot-net> 

Hello everyone, 

I was helping my grandfather to clean out his basement when I came across a 
big roll(8lb) of what looked like #26 mag wire,but it turnes out it is realy 
uninsulated #26 wire :( 
Would there be a easy way of coating this or could it be used on a space 
wound secondary?? 

thanks for your suggestions, 
Kevin D