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Medusa's back up!

Hi all,

I have finally gotten my large Tesla system (Medusa) back up and
working. I had a secondary flashover that caused a destructive car-
bonizing of the sec. coil form last Memorial Day. I replaced the old
damaged sec. coil, which was wound w/ #20 magnet wire spaced
w/ 30 lb test nylon fishing line, with a new sec wound w/ #16 dou-
ble-coated magnet wire with no spacing. The old sec coil was 12"
x 41" long w/ 684 turns. The new sec is 12" x 39 1/2" long and has
about 690 turns, so no retuning was necessary. 

Being driven by a 10kVA, 14.4kV pole pig and an 83 nF tank cap,
as well as an 8" x 32" dryer duct toroid, and ballasted with a Lin-
coln 225 amp arc welder, very loud and bright 8 to 10 ft lightning
bolts fill up my little 12'x20' shop/lab building. Since I am obviously
cramped for space, I feel that I could probaly get even longer arcs
occasionally if operated outside or where there was plenty of over-
head and horizontal clearance around the coil.

                                            Keep on Sparkin'
                                           and Always BE SAFE
                                            Memphis,Tn, USA