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Re: Medusa's back up!

Hi David,

Congrats on getting Medusa back up and running. I remember some of your photo's from the first Medusa (some of my favorite photo's BTW). I'm guessing the performance is similar (but just guessing and assuming Cp hasn't changed). I don't think the heavy build (or tripple build for that matter) makes much difference over single build insulation as far as performance is concerned, but not sure regarding close vs. spacewound coils.

Your timing of this post is ideal (for me) as I'm working on some data and was looking for other coilers that have relatively high power systems. Could you let me know some power input data? Curious on your input settings (voltage/current) into the pig and details like that.


Tesla List wrote:

Original Poster: Tesla729-at-cs-dot-com

Hi all,

I have finally gotten my large Tesla system (Medusa) back up and
working. I had a secondary flashover that caused a destructive car-
bonizing of the sec. coil form last Memorial Day. I replaced the old
damaged sec. coil, which was wound w/ #20 magnet wire spaced
w/ 30 lb test nylon fishing line, with a new sec wound w/ #16 dou-
ble-coated magnet wire with no spacing. The old sec coil was 12"
x 41" long w/ 684 turns. The new sec is 12" x 39 1/2" long and has
about 690 turns, so no retuning was necessary.

Being driven by a 10kVA, 14.4kV pole pig and an 83 nF tank cap,
as well as an 8" x 32" dryer duct toroid, and ballasted with a Lin-
coln 225 amp arc welder, very loud and bright 8 to 10 ft lightning
bolts fill up my little 12'x20' shop/lab building. Since I am obviously
cramped for space, I feel that I could probaly get even longer arcs
occasionally if operated outside or where there was plenty of over-
head and horizontal clearance around the coil.

                                            Keep on Sparkin'
                                           and Always BE SAFE
                                            Memphis,Tn, USA