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for sale - breakdown voltage tester with a nice variac inside

I have a Slaughter company (Ardmore, Oklahoma) model 106-2.5W
breakdown dtster, serial 123436 - it has an meter calibrated
in AC volts (0 to 2500), two high voltage terminals for leads
to be connected, on/off switch, pilot light and  a large
breakdown light.  voltage is set via a 2.25 amp variac, input
is 110AC.  inside is the variac, a transformer, a relay and
buzzer, and some circuitry - it works.  you can use it either
for its intended purpose (of testing breakdown voltages), or
you can extract a nice meter, transformer and variac from it.
The unit is in a nice metal enclosure.  The only thing wrong
is that the light bulb in the "breakdown" indicator is burned
out - so if you use it for it's original purpose you will want
to replace the bulb.  The variac is in real mint condition -
it clearly was not heavily used.  I didn't see any obvious
date codes inside, I'd guess it's more than 20 years old, but
probably not more than 40.

I want $35 for this thing, plus postage.