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Re: Can G10 sheet be laminated?

>The surface of the G10 can be covered with a layer of wax. This has to
>be ground off, and this has to be done with some care, so that you
>actually remove material.

There are some solvents for this wax, as well.  The same places that
sell/use the epoxy will know.
>A good adhesive is epoxy, and preferably a thin flowing type. This is
>used extensively at boatbuilding yards, so if you live at the coast, go
>to talk to some boatbuilders, then you can probably get a couple of jars
>of it at a reasonable charge.

>Now you need 5-7 carpenters clamps, one of which needs to be able to
>reach into the midle of the discs. Tighten this one down slowly, to

OR, some standard weightlifters weights stacked up on the top piece of wood.
you DO need some sort of locater pins to keep the stack from "squishing"
sideways, though, if the clamp force is applied unevenly (which it will be,
guaranteed.....)  Lead shot also works well, if you have hundred kilos or so
lying around.

Don't over catalyze the epoxy!  Your layup is in the middle of a bunch of
thermal insulator, and if it gets too hot, bad things happen.