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Re: dc rotary motor

Hi Bob, 

Although I use a snyc rotary most often, I can and have run my DC motor. My
controller was extremely simple (vary AC via variac to DC supply). For the
amount of variance required, there was plenty of torque even at low voltages.
It's nice to have that adjustment at the rotary and to find max output sparks.
You shouldn't have any problems with it. 


Tesla List wrote: 
> Original Poster: "bob golding" <yubba-at-clara-dot-net> 
> Hi all, 
>     I have been thinking about rotary gaps. At Corby I tried Mikes
> asynchronous 
> gap on my big coil. I was impressed by the performance. I noticed that the 
> spark length varied as the gap got hot. I want to try using a variable speed
> dc 
> motor and attempt to vary the speed to  get the Max spark length . I have a 
> suitable motor I just salvaged from an old centrifuge. It is variable over a 
> speed range of 0 to 5500 RPM,and is rated at 360 watts. I don't know how the 
> controller will stand up to the RFI but I will no doubt find out soon enough.
> I 
> will try screening the electronics and maybe run the leads inside some
> screened 
> cable or something. anyone tried using a variable speed drive ? Any comments 
> welcome. 
> cheers 
> bob golding