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What power am I using?

	I have a question to throw out to the list for comments,
interpretation, or advice. During testing on the power supply side of my
coil, I was setting up my current limiting reactor to limit the current
to 20amps. With the pole pig shorted out, I would draw 20 amps at 220vac
(4.4kva). I then set up my RSG to be stationary across the pole pig, and
again, I had a draw of 20 amps at 220vac with a power arc across the
contacts (8 total in series). When I tested the power draw with the RSG
motor turned on, to test the set-up at an unspecific speed,  my current
draw dropped to 5 amps -at- 240vac (1.2kva). I did not notice this with my
older RSG contact wheel, which was very similiar is size, but differed
in contact configuration. With the old wheel, there was no difference
between the power arc reading and the rotating reading as far as power
used was concerned. My question is why the big difference. Is it

	I have no tank circuit load on the xfmr and thus a reduced power
draw (the contacts are the only thing across the xfmr at this point? If
this is not a factor then are the power levels I see quoted on various
coils the instantaneous reading or an average reading?

	The dwell time is greatly reduced with the newest set-up? On the
old wheel I had a 1.1mS dwell time and twice the number of hits per
revolution (16 contacts on the old wheel vs 8 on the new one), but on
the new wheel, the dwell time is 130uS (5% of the wheel "time" is dwell

	Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

	Thanks ahead of time.