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Re: ignition coil for high voltage source

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Bill Parn" <parn-at-starpower-dot-net>
> Hi Grayson and Coilers,
> I really like the simplicity of this design.  I know the dimmer
> switch is going to give the spikes of voltage necessary to get
> the ignition coil to operate, however I was wondering do we need
> a resistor of some sort to get the 120VAC spikes down more
> in the range of 18Volts or less to prevent from destroying the
> ignition coil?
> Cheers,
> Bill Parn

	No resistor, but a fuse might be a good idea in case the series
capacitor shorts, followed by a not-unlikely catastrophic failure of the
dimmer.  I have been playing around with a dual GM high-energy coil
driven with nothing more than a 3 ufd capacitor in series with a cheap
light dimmer from Home Depot.  Only get around 1-1/2" sparks, much less
than with my fancy triac driver, but it sure is simple!!!!!!

	By the way, note that the peak currents can be tens of amperes or more,
depending on the capacitor size.  These current spikes do flow in the
line and can cause severe interference somewhere else in the house.