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Re: Inductance Issue HELP!!!!

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "BunnyKiller" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com>
> Hey All .......
> Finally got my power cabinet all together and the new capacitor made ..
> I ran the system  ( piggie ) and experienced an anomoly that I cant
figure out
> ...
> as i increase the voltage to the piggie ( 0 - 150 V) the current draw
> increases (
> as expected)
> but when i start to increase the voltage past the 150 V ( 150 -280V )
> point, the
> current draw begins to reduce back down to around 5 amps  ( at 150V current
> is 35
> A ) (( somewhat of a linear drop))
> the control cabinet contains 2 1256 D powerstat variacs in paralell with a
> parallelling choke ...    2 E core inductors  individually switched for
> current control
> direct short reading ( plugged directly into the wall socket 240 V ) are 33
> A and
> 10A  this should give me aproximately 43 amps usable current to the pig...
> why am I seeing this drop in current as the voltage increases??   is
there some
> inductance issues causing a major phase shift ??
> Scot D


Hmm... need a bit more information: 
Are your ballast inductors in series with the input or the output side
of the variacs? Are you measuring current going to the input to the
variac or current between the variac and the pig? Was the measurement
made with the pig output short-circuited or with the tank capacitor and
spark gap connected? And finally, what is the size of your tank cap and
the faceplate voltage rating of the pig?

If the previously taken measurements were made with the tank cap in the
circuit, try short-circuiting the output of the pig, re-run the
experiment, and let us know the result. Also, double check your wiring
and confirm that your pig primary (with the pig outputs disconnected) is
actually seeing the normal 0-280 volt voltage range from the variac. 

-- Bert --
Bert Hickman
Stoneridge Engineering