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Re: Inductance Issue HELP!!!!

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> Original Poster: "Bert Hickman" <bert.hickman-at-aquila-dot-com>
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> > Original Poster: "BunnyKiller" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com>
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Hi Bert ....

the inductors are in series before the variacs and the amp measurements were
taken between the variacs and the transformer ( pig). The measurement was taken
as the coil was running.  Tank Cap is .109 uF -at-56KV rating, the pig is
rated for
14400V / 240V  10KVA unit.

The voltage output from the variacs to the pig ( while  coil is running )
is 0 -

I do have about 500 uF's of motor run caps available to use if need be.   If i
place these caps in what ever strategic position, would the phase shift be enuf
to solve the problem I am having ?

I was thinking that if I ran the power to the variacs first than to the run
and then to the inductors, the variacs would "see" less current, but ...
the inductors( if placed after the caps)  reshift the phase angle and the end
results would be the same as ( or nearly the same as ) if i hadnt even put the
caps into the system ???

one good thing about life is that learning never ends  :)

Scot D