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Inductance Issue HELP!!!!

Hey All .......

Finally got my power cabinet all together and the new capacitor made ..

I ran the system  ( piggie ) and experienced an anomoly that I cant figure out

as i increase the voltage to the piggie ( 0 - 150 V) the current draw
increases (
as expected)
but when i start to increase the voltage past the 150 V ( 150 -280V )
point, the
current draw begins to reduce back down to around 5 amps  ( at 150V current
is 35
A ) (( somewhat of a linear drop))

the control cabinet contains 2 1256 D powerstat variacs in paralell with a
parallelling choke ...    2 E core inductors  individually switched for varied
current control
direct short reading ( plugged directly into the wall socket 240 V ) are 33
A and
10A  this should give me aproximately 43 amps usable current to the pig...

why am I seeing this drop in current as the voltage increases??   is there some
inductance issues causing a major phase shift ??

Scot D