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MMC caps in the works

Hi all
i was thinking about building some mmc's. i have a working TC with plate
caps.  now i am a little confused about a few things and maybe someone
can clear up a few questions that i have.

the caps should be Metallized Polypropylene ? or can i use Polypropylene
, next should i use the DC voltage rating?
the caps i am thinking about were from digikey : POLYPROPYLENE,
 .0068UF 630VDC, 20 in series 0.00034UF per string -at- 12600VDC,  then
parallel the 20 strings to raise the capacitance back up to .0068UF is
this over kill, 400 cap's?

just want a little input before i spend a bunch of money!!!

anyone have a good mmc calculator?

the power supply for my TC is a 12K, 30ma NST

another thing can you send me a reply CC or BCC with mmc in the subject.
i drive a truck over the road and i get about 900 junk mails don't feel
like spending all my time sifting through rubbish..................:-)