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Re: My solid-state primary apparatus

To Finn Hammer & Jim Lux:

By golly, it's there!  Oh!...the wonders of modern science!!  I didn't
check my older patent but I suppose it's right there, too.  Yeah, "good
old IBM": whoever says they're all bad is clearly not entirely correct.

Ken Herrick

On Tue, 06 Jun 2000 16:47:26 -0600 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
> Original Poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux-at-jpl.nasa.gov> 
> Or, you might try:
> http://patent.womplex.ibm-dot-com/details?&pn=US06069413__ 
> The other one is at:
> http://patent.womplex.ibm-dot-com/details?&pn=US04862042__
> text, drawings, etc.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 11:29 AM
> Subject: My solid-state primary apparatus
> >Original Poster: "Kennan C Herrick" <kcha1-at-juno-dot-com> 
> >
> >I mentioned in a posting a couple of weeks ago the patent I'd been
> >granted covering the circuit that I use in the primary of my 
> solid-state
> >T.c.  It's U.S. #6,069,413, "Apparatus for Generating an 
> Alternating
> >Magnetic Field".  


>there may be some List members
>who would want to get a copy of it.  The Patent Office makes that very
>easy to do via the Web


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