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Re: Tesla simulation software project

Hi Paul,

> > The Program in question should be able to
> simoulteneosly solve
> > large set of diff. eqs. arising from 1000s of
> elements of
> > secondary network scheme.
> tsim.c does so, but only for the steady state AC
> equations,
> so its just a big matrix of complex coefficients.
Aaah,steady state.. *maybe good for CW mode operating
funs* ..and True TC is ,naturally, pulse excited
Read:Transients are our concern.
> > (In first place,I'm refering to overall
> > inductive and capacitive  coupling of  every each
> turn
> > towards others and turns to ground capacities  ).
> Turn to ground: yes; turn to immediate neighbour
> turns: yes;
> longer range turn to turn: no - this is a defect and
> I dont
> know how significant it is.
I asked.It is not so significant and, is usually
overcome by the trick of increasing originaly "turn to
immediate neighbour turn capacity" by factors between
and 3 (depending on coil structure).
With coil having more turns the trick works better.
> > Graphical presentation of secondary response to
> Any
> > given excitation waveform for each point (turn) of
> > winding in time and space should be also an output
> Some time ago I put together a time domain
> simulation of
> 100 segments, but it was too much even for a 12
> processor
> cluster.
And that is what I was affraid of.
 For now I would be very happy to
> successfully model
> the steady state AC input impedance
In other words you would like to predict Q of
(in  spark unloaded case) or I misinterpret you here? 
I see another problem here since you mentioned only
wire resistance I^2R looses if I remember correct
counting for damping effects?
No sparking coils are quite a good radiators of EM
waves and posess certain radiation resistance which is
comparable with wire losses.How do you include this
one in your model ?
> There are no significant programming problems in
> this project.

Based on pure circuit theory I can write also a
"brutal force method" program which would deal with
simoultanes solving of set of thousands of diff. eqs. 
for points of the winding in time ,using common usual
math. methods for solving such set of eqs for given
boundary ,innital conditions (I hope I used proper
The programming problem being adressed to computer to
accomplish the task (time  for instance:days,months 
Thus ,in that context I see significant programming
problem there.  

 The challenge lies in understanding the
> physics of the system and in choosing acceptable
> approximations in those areas that are beyond our
> effort.


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