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Re: Tesla simulation software project

Thank you for your comments Calvin,

I'm awared of the complexity of program *and still
maybe not enough!*.
I'm interested what others ,better at computers than
me,think of your idea to make page with our goals  
and, for the  begging ,determining tasks what
concerned program should actually do with respect to
these resonators -Terry?


> Ok, here is your "computer minded" coiler's opinion.
> the complexity of this program is great.  you would
> need lots of experienced programers to acomplish
> this
> task.  if we could make a webpage with our goals in
> mind, a little(?) file on what the program should
> do,
> and what platforms we would like it written for,
> then
> put a post on slashdot-dot-org about the project, we
> could
> get exposure to lot's of programsers (mostly linux
> fanatics like myself).  What i would forsee is a
> prgoram that collects your data, then runs the
> variables through the given set of equasions, and
> makes a simularor file after, sort of like compiling
> a
> programthen you can watch the whole simulation in a
> few hours after input of the data (hey, for that
> much
> presion, you must pay in processing cycles).  and,
> in
> the case of a linux program, you could use the old
> trick of running it in the background.  I would be
> willing to set up such a page if people would be
> willing to contribute.  feel free to email me if
> anyone want to help out.  linhack_tux-at-yahoo-dot-com

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