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Secondary Coating Probs Fixed!

After removing all the Polyeurathane (what a Pain) and resanding, I was 
ready to start again.  This time I put two loose washers on each of then 
1/2" steel spindle that my form was rotating on, and ran ground wire from 
each washer to an electrical ground.  I also changed to a different 
Polyeurathane - I was using the Min Wax stuff - it sucks - takes waaaay to 
long to dry.  I'm now using Last-N-Last, it drys much faster and I'm not 
having the static problems.
I think the change in the polueurathane has more to do with it then the 
grounding system.  Lessons learned: Don't use MinWax Polyurethane.....
Thanks for everyones input!

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