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Re: Bottle caps


Erm, did you say the *caps* were firing??! They should *not* be breaking down
- this is generally considered a bad thing! The spark gap is the only thing
that should break down in the system. Don't run the transformer and the caps
alone, they will probably destroy one or both in short order. If you are using
a gap, and the caps are connected either in series or parallel, they should
both discharge at bang time.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Jeremiah" <jmeizis-at-metallicafan-dot-com>
> This sounds kind of dumb, to me anyway, but are you able to use plastic
> bottle caps and glass bottle caps together in series?  In my tesla coil
> setup i have 3 glass bottle caps and 1 plastic bottle cap.  When i turned
> the power on the plastic cap was discharging but the glass were not.  Is it
> because of the plastic caps higher capacitance.  I also took the plastic
> cap out of the picture but the glass caps still were not firing.  I see no
> design fault.  I have a glass rootbeer bottle with a half of a aluminium
> can and a 3 in. screw in the middle.  12kV-at-30mA trans.  I just don't
> understand it, maybe it's something i am just overlooking.  You know the
> most obvious solution is the best answer.
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