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WOW! I'm thrilled!

Harry Goldman, Terry and all the Tesla list.  

I am just thrilled beyond words to have found the identities of all these 
gents with my granddad!  I guess, as I look at the photo more carefully, my 
granddad, John Joseph Swan, is on the right end of the third row of 
unidentified, rather than the first row.  Kelvin!  How cool!  And Lady Kelvin 
(aka Monty Python).  This is just grand.  I can't thank you enough.  I'm 
going to print off the copy you are circulating and match up names with those 
in my graddad's files and see how it all adds up.  Granddad was born in 1872, 
so he would have been 27 at the time the photo was taken, a young 
wippersnapper!  I can't wait to tell my brother.  Now, of course, I wonder 
where did the photo and caption come from.  There is no end to the dectective 

Again, thanks,

Albie Davis

(PS.  In my communication with the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, I 
suggested they print up the photo of Einstein, Tesla and Steinmetz on a 
T-shirt with their URL below.  They actually sound interested.  Perhaps some 
enterprising member of the list has already done so!  Albie)