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wiring the thing....

	Hi all!

  Okey, got some questions about wiring on the TC's.  From my neons to the
SG I have simple HV wire, because all it carries is the charging current.
The cap leads to one side of the gap (gap parallel to the NST, cap in series
to the primary), the other cap lead is used for the tap point, innermost
turn of the primary to the other side of the gap.  My question... should I
use a copper or aluminum strap from the cap/gap to the primary, or just good
0 gauge wire? welding leads? stranded? solid? copper tubing?  I know to keep
the leads as short as possible also. to keep inductance down, because the
wire itself adds inductance to the primary circuit, and we want as much of
the EM field in the primary as possible...not in the leads going to it.

Thanks for the time & help!