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[TCML] Operational Frequency ?

Hi All,
I just finished the DRSSTC OneTesla coil kit. It works fine, but the secondary is woundwith 1600 turns of # 38.5 (!) gauge wire = about as user unfriendly as one can get, and the primary is a strange top/bottom PC board connected double spiral that is for all practical concerns un-tunable.
QUESTION :JaveTC puts the operating frequency of this coil at 250 KHz.
If I rewind the secondary with 800 turns of  #33 gauge wire ( more easily handled ) anduse half the primary I can obtain a more physically robust secondaryand a tunable primary .. using the same 0.068 uF  pri capacitor ..
However, the resonant frequency changes to ~ 500 KHz .
>>>  How does changing the Operating Frequency affect performance ??
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