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Re: [TCML] Operational Frequency ?

Why do you think the secondary is 'user unfriendly' - I don't think you'll
need to adjust it much? If you're worried about the turns getting damaged,
a few coats of polyurethane will keep them in place and protect them. The
primary is a double PC board for increasing current handling capability.
And like you said, since it's un-tunable due to the solder mask on the
primary, I was puzzled why you wanted to then use half the primary. The
OneTesla kit was specifically designed to be tuned optimally right out of
the box so you shouldn't need to do anything.​

I wouldn't try changing the frequency, especially not to 500kHz. This
requires the drivers to switch at two the frequency and twice the power. In
addition, the IGBTs will be switching at a much higher frequency, and you
run the risk of the IGBTs switching significant primary current since the
resonant frequency is now twice, but the switching delays remain the same.

On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 3:58 AM, b alex pettit jr via Tesla <
tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I just finished the DRSSTC OneTesla coil kit. It works fine, but the
> secondary is woundwith 1600 turns of # 38.5 (!) gauge wire = about as user
> unfriendly as one can get, and the primary is a strange top/bottom PC board
> connected double spiral that is for all practical concerns un-tunable.
> QUESTION :JaveTC puts the operating frequency of this coil at 250 KHz.
> If I rewind the secondary with 800 turns of  #33 gauge wire ( more easily
> handled ) anduse half the primary I can obtain a more physically robust
> secondaryand a tunable primary .. using the same 0.068 uF  pri capacitor ..
> However, the resonant frequency changes to ~ 500 KHz .
> >>>  How does changing the Operating Frequency affect performance ??
> Thanks,Alex
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