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[TCML] Mid sized Tesla Coil - Done

I finally finished my long awaited mid sized tesla coil. The Tesla Map
software was spot on in the tuning of taping it between turn 12 and 13.
Most sparks are over 3 feet and many are over 4 feet long. I have 2 NSTs at
15kv 60mA using capacitor equivalent of 30nF 30kv stacked in triple layer.
It uses 2 parallel tungsten spark gaps quenched by a squirrel cage fan. The
primary is taped at 12.5 turns on the 1/4" copper tubing starting at 8"
outwards. The secondary is 31" tall by 6" diameter of 26 awg wire of 1400
turns. I'm having about 10 of my friends and co-workers over next Friday
for an outdoor showing and cookout after work.

Check out the 2 dry run videos. One I was holding a florescent light bulb
and the lightning jumped over to it and I got zapped through the glass
part. Ouch. Ok but getting the long florescent tubes today. Over $1200 to
make it.


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