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I was hoping for more discussions on this from everyone.  Frank, you know this topic :)
HG Fischer made X-Ray machines later sold as physics Tesla Coils.  The pancake secondaries has more than 3600 turns in each coil and the system ran with a .6 mfd cap.
Frank S Betz sold some portable coils with pancake coils also pushing 3000-4000 turns.  They also from 1/4 or 1/2 mfd caps.
The Kinraide Coils used the same large caps but only had about 1000 turns in each coil.

The Prague Coil and 'Kilowatt Kinraide Coil' from my website had ca 385 turns in each Pancake coil and I used only .03 - .05 mfd caps - and got huge flaming discharges from both.  The primaries in both were only 2 1/2 turns but for each coil, normally in antiparallel (which is easier to tune than if in series).

3.5 microfarads.  Was Tesla choosing a cap to charge and discharge within the period of make and break time for the mercury jet interrupter, using it to resonate his Pancake coils, both, or perhaps just the first and forcing the pancakes to operate at that low frequency?

Remember it was one of these coils thought to start the fire in his NY lab.  And I believe it!!

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Yes I do....

At 08:43 PM 6/23/2014, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a copy of this book?
>"Particulars about small oscillator with mercury
>stream break used for running vacuum tubes in
>laboratory Secondary coil rewound each side 40
>turns in first two layers + 15 layers at 23
>turns } Each part 40+345=385 turns. Condenser
>about 3.5 uF Total secondary turns 775 Primary
>of copper sheet 1/100th " thick, 6.25" wide,
>mean diam. Of coil 7 1/4" nearly. --- I find
>this interesting. Â I need to wind two Pancake
>Coils roughly 7" diameter to these specs. Â For
>the hard core coilers, some things really stand
>out to me. Â Curious as to your opinions to see
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