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[TCML] Idle Wire ID question

I had reason to build a couple of small induction coils, and I ran out of the 16 iron wire I usually use for the cores. While in a craft store I found packaged length of wire made for artificial floral arrangements. It was 18 gauge, so that was OK. I tested the wire with a small magnet and it stuck, so I bought some. At home now I'm not sure what I've got.

It's white metal, and rather soft. Seems like aluminum, but it is attracted by magnets. I left a short piece wrapped up in soggy paper towels for a day or two, but it didn't rust. If it weren't for the magnetic response, I'd swear it's aluminum. Some alloy, I guess, what is this stuff?

PS I made a core out of it; it works, but the magnetic field is weaker than when I use iron wire . . .

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