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Re: [TCML] Tesla Gun

Hi Jay,

The foot plates are already wired into the electronics ground, i didnt
state that before, though.  The current that flows in my body is due
mutual capacitance between the tesla coil and my body.  There is no
way around it unless i wear a full conductive suit/shield between me
and the coil.  The foot plates will just help reduce my peak potential
i think by connecting me to some impedance to "ground", but i think
that impedance is still pretty large compared to my body's capacitance
at 400khz.  You can think of me as a counterpoise if that helps make
sense of it.

I guess i could have some sort of metal apron that would eat up most
of the capacitance to the coil.  I'll have to do something to protect
myself if i make a habit of using this thing


On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 10:31 PM,  <jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Steve,
> A) thats is truly awesome, i wish i had close to your understanding of solid state circuitry.
> B) You do not want that RF current going through you, esspecially since you know its 1A?!? 30mA can stop your heart so its really not a good idea at all to tempt fate here.
> With RF currents what happens is you don't feel it because of the high frequency, but its still flowing slowing cooking your nervous system or blood vessels which are typically more conductive than the rest of you.
> I recommend you invest in some high strand count wire somewhere in #10 to #6 gauge range (for superior flexibility and break resistance, check mcmaster carr they have everything ) and run a wire to each foot plate that way you have the highly conductive wire as a nice alternative to your body, meaning the overwhelming majority of the current will flow through the wire leaving micor or nano amps flowing through you. Allowing you to still be mobile =)
> pl ug this term into mcmaster Continuous-Flex Wire
> or
> 392° F High-Voltage/High-Flex Wire
> and you will see what i mean
> Thanks,
> John "Jay" Howson IV
> "Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands."

> Grounding for the system is questionable! To be totally un-tethered,
> i have a pair of shoes with steel mesh on the bottom for contact with
> the floor (dont stand on anything flammable!). My body is charged to
> a few kV with the 2.5A of secondary ground current. Generally,
> though, i prefer to add an additional connection to mains ground. The
> current into mains ground is about 1.5A, meaning my body capacitance
> is still seeing about 1A in this condition. I'm uncertain of the
> effects of this current through my body (it must primarily go through
> my right arm, which is gripping the conductive gun grip which is the
> only connection between me and the electronics). Anyone have any
> research on RF currents in the human body? People expose themselves
> to pretty similar fields when playing with SSTCs and VTTCs, just being
> up close to the secondary coil must induce quite a bit of current in
> them (according to the mutual capacitance between the person and the
> TC).
> Well, im sure i forgot to describe certain aspects of the project, so
> ask questions if you like.
> Steve Ward
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