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Re: [TCML] Tesla Gun

Hi Steve,

You might want to try a titanium wetsuit. They have a thin titanium foil within the neoprene, but I don't know how conductive that might make the suit. But it does make the suit really warm for divers! Might be a good way to insulate yourself and provide a Faraday suit at the same time. You should be able to get samples of the titanium neoprene from wetsuit manufacturers for testing.

I would only recommend a 2-3mm suit, as anything thicker, and you run into the problem of overheating easily in the suit. Even 2-3mm can get pretty warm out of the water.

David Weiss

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Hi Jay,

The foot plates are already wired into the electronics ground, i didnt
state that before, though.  The current that flows in my body is due
mutual capacitance between the tesla coil and my body.  There is no
way around it unless i wear a full conductive suit/shield between me
and the coil.  The foot plates will just help reduce my peak potential
i think by connecting me to some impedance to "ground", but i think
that impedance is still pretty large compared to my body's capacitance
at 400khz.  You can think of me as a counterpoise if that helps make
sense of it.

I guess i could have some sort of metal apron that would eat up most
of the capacitance to the coil.  I'll have to do something to protect
myself if i make a habit of using this thing


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