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[TCML] Lightning?

Hello all, 
At the moderators discretion I have a quick unrelated question for you guys, 

A wicked storm just rolled through here in Rochester, and I was standing near the window looking out trying to capture a few nice bolts on my cell phone camera. well one happened to hit extremely close by. Close enough that I physically felt a spark jump from the window or the blinds or something in that area to my chest. Perhaps2-3 inches long. It felt something like a nice big vandergraaff shock. Scared the heck outa me. 


I am trying to figure the radius of effect for a lightning strike, how close does one have to be to the main event in order to experience induced charging and the like. I will go out and look for damage tomorrow, but nothings on fire that we can see so i don't know what we will find. 
The other option would be that I just so happened to be a part of a failed leader stroke and the charge reached out to connect with the main but didn't, Hench the small none killing me spark. and the main event was a little further away that I though. 
I tried poking around the internet but I cant find anything that specific with number, just general "they can cause induced charges on nearby objects" 

Maybe one of you guys knows more specifics on the subject and could share your knowledge, 
Contact me off list. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 

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